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Update: 7-15-2024

We are finally there: the remaining Championship games are scheduled for this Sunday!  Here is what we look forward to seeing:
D1/North Texas Champions League
    Ice FC/Black Ice vs. Ice FC/Blue Ice    2:00 pm on Premier Park #4
    VN Dallas FC 30 vs. Intermix             10:00 am on Premier Park #4
    Cuauhtemoc vs. FC Saigon Port         9:00 am on Premier Park #2
    Texas Elite 04 vs. Thunder 40            10:00 am on Premier Park #5
    FME FC vs. Drillers                            12:00 pm on Premier Park #5
    Dep. el Narajano v Weekenders 40   12:00 pm on Premier Park #4
    CD Halcones vs. Thunder 40               9:00 am on Premier Park #1
    Atlanta vs. Off in the Woods               11:00 am on Premier Park #1
    Los Pinos 50 vs. Lewisville Lakers     11:00 am on Premier Park #2
    Tigres  vs. Berkner                                1:00 pm on Premier Park #2
    Korean Tiger BW B vs. Buckys BB       1:00 pm on Premier Park #1
We will also be hosting our seasonal Open House for Players Looking for Teams on Sunday, July 21st, at Premier Park (11115 Elam Road; Balch Springs, Texas). Our Summer Season is about to start now; the Fall Season will start on September 8th.  Players may be looking to play this Summer or this Fall;  Captains will be looking to add these new prospects to their rosters.  


We normally hold our Open House on a Sunday afternoon; with this year’s continuing heat, we will be moving it a little earlier than usual.  Players wanting to play on Over-30, Over-40, Over-50, and Over-55 teams should be ready to scrimmage at 11:00 am; players wanting to play in Open Divisions (must be 18 or older) will play at 12:00 noon. Players should check in at the field house and we will get your information to give to the Captains and Coaches. This is a great opportunity for prospective players to show their skills and potential, and a great chance for Captains to find new players that will benefit their team. Come on out and let us have a look at you!


Be sure to watch our website for any updates (i.e., weather issues, etc.).  We look forward to seeing you at the Open House!

North Texas Premier Soccer Association-Dallas TX

Welcome To North Texas Premier Soccer Association

This site provides information about the North Texas Premier Soccer Association (NTPSA) and its activities. The NTPSA is the male adult soccer association for the North Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth areas. This league is comprised of age group divisions for ages 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50 and over age brackets.

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Adult Recreation Sport Participants Protocols

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NTS Return to Training & Play Covid19

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NTPSA Amended Rules 12-19-22

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NTPSA Concussion Protocol

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Adult Medical Insurance

Contact NTPSA at 972-238-9668 or

Frequently Asked Questions

North Texas Premier Soccer Association, Inc.
Executive Center III
8330 LBJ Freeway
Suite 455
Dallas TX 75243

When is Team Registration? Team registration is usually a middle weekend of January for the Spring season and middle weekend of July for the Fall season.

Is there late Team Registration?
No. In order to place the teams in Divisions and schedule the games for each season in a timely manner, teams MUST come in and register their teams at the scheduled times.

Can registration/red cards be paid with a credit card?  YES. Master Card and VISA Only (credit or debit cards).

My team is planning to play in a tournament during the season, what do I do to have that game rescheduled?
We must know at the registration of any schedule conflicts. This information must be included on your “Team Information Sheet” provided in your registration packet. A night game will be scheduled during the league’s scheduling process and the night game will be included on your team’s schedule when they are made available. There is a $75.00 fee for requesting the postponement of Sunday games to another day of the week. Per NTPSA Rules, any request for a postponement for Sunday play MUST be made at Team Registration.

How are the teams placed in Divisions?
The teams are placed in divisions based on their past play in NTPSA, the level of teams that return for the season, and the level of the teams that do not return for the season. We not only look at your season record but also how close the games and teams finished the games over the course of the season. The postseason play helps but is not a major determining factor whether a team moves up to the next division. Also, new teams have to be considered. They need to have a place to play also. While the returning teams are moved up or down as needed to complete a division based on their past, we will not move a team from Division 10 to Division 5 just to fill a division. We do ask that you look at the teams in a division, not the division number before you complain about your playing division. We usually do a good job of placing teams.

When will schedules/player ID cards play be available?
The playing schedules and player ID cards for the teams are handed out about a week prior to the beginning of league play. The date and time is included in your registration packets. If a captain cannot come by the office to pick up his team’s schedule and ID cards on the scheduled date, the schedules and ID cards will be available during the next time the NTPSA office is open. They will not be mailed.

Can a player play on two teams in this league?
NO !!! Even though this league has 20+ divisions, based on the skill level of the teams, players are not allowed to register and play on two teams. Due to the number of players contacting the office looking for teams and the way we schedule our games, we cannot accommodate a player that wants to play two games on Sundays. Players found to be playing on two teams can and will be suspended from play in NTPSA for a minimum 1 year.

What are the AGE Guidelines for participating in NTPSA Adult Soccer?
Players must reach the proper age (18, 30, 40, 50, 55, as pertains to the playing divisions) on or before the fisrt scheduled game date of the current playing season. No players under the age of 18 as of first scheduled playing date of current season are eligible to play in NTPSA Adult.

Why can’t ID cards and Roster Changes be made during office hours?
NTPSA only has one person working in the office, and with the paperwork and phone calls, there is not time to handle ID cards and roster changes. It is also a security issue. NTPSA schedules plenty of times for the captains to take care of their business when plenty of people are around to help.

Why does playing an unregistered /illegal player have such a stiff penalty?
Playing unregistered/illegal players results in voiding our Liability and Medical Insurance. Should a player be injured during a game when an unregistered/illegal player is found to have participated, the injured player is not covered by the Medical insurance and cannot file in order to help with his expenses. It is in the best interest of everyone to protect our teammates and watch for teams that want to cheat.

Why is there a fine for “Sent Off” players?
The fines collected for “Sent Off” players are part of the punishment, by hitting a player in the wallet for his misconduct, we hope will make the player think twice before being “Sent Off” again.

How are penalty points determined and why are points taken off the team’s standings once the penalty points have reached a certain level?
Penalty points are determined by the rules of the North Texas State Soccer Association and based on the referee’s report and misconduct marked by the referees on your team’s game sheet. These points accumulate over the course of the playing season, and once a team has reached 40 penalty points, 3 points are taken from their standings. This is our way of asking you to keep your teams under control. Three (3) points from a team’s standings can and has kept teams from postseason play. We understand that some referees give cards that teams do not always agree with, but why do other teams that have the same referee not get the cards. It’s all a matter of how a team plays the referee and the team’s way of dealing with it. At (70) penalty points a team is sent to the North Texas State Soccer Association for further discipline, suspended from further play in NTPSA, and cannot be allowed to participate in any postseason play.