Stand with Ukraine

Update: 5-18-2024

It’s a great weekend for futbol! The skies are blue…the fields are dry.. and everybody is set to go! Except the City of Dallas; they decided Friday afternoon that the City fields would be closed, so our four games at Hobby have been rescheduled.

Other rainout dates are being updated now; the schedule for June 2nd is complete – if Richardson allows Breckinridge to remain open; the schedule for June 9th is tentative, and subject to change.

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy your Memorial Day holiday next weekend!


1)  If a player is diagnosed with Covid, we would encourage the whole team to be tested.  Even if someone did not come in contact with the player himself, he would have come in contact with another player who was there.  Of course, if you had a player who was sitting at home and never was with the team, then he wouldn’t be included in that requirement.

2)  So far, it appears the molecular test (AKA PCR test, viral RNA test, or nucleic acid test) is the better of the two types of available tests.  Since we are talking about players who have known contact with an infected person, the molecular test would be expected.

3)  If a player refuses to get tested, or if a test comes back positive, he should quarantine for at least 14 days from the date of potential infection.   He will not be allowed to play during that period.

4)   Any infected player will need have a subsequent test that would show he had become clear of the virus, or be cleared by a doctor after a minimum of 14 days from his original test.

5)   Once a player is cleared to play, we don’t have any required paperwork for the referees. We will notify the game officials and the opposing team if any team had a player tested positive during the previous games, but, for privacy reasons, will not provide any specific player information to them (or anyone outside our League Administrators).  One a player is definitely cleared, he will be treated like anyone else.  We do see who is playing based on your game sheets, and would expect – for the safety of yourself and your own team – you wouldn’t put everyone in that position.  If we were to learn that a team had knowingly played an infected player, that would be dealt with very harshly.

6)  If you get into a situation where Covid prevents you from having enough players, let us know and we will do our best to get all the affected games rescheduled; that is no fault of your own.  For other issues – players have too bad a hangover after Saturday night – well, that game must go on.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Division Commissioner or the N.T.P.S.A. office.